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Straight Wall Rifle Expiration May 12, 2017

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I sent an email to the NRC and received this answer this morning:

"That subsection (f), of Wildlife Conservation Order section 3.100 is due to be rescinded on May 12, 2017. I have forwarded your email on to the Wildlife Division to respond to your questions. Thank you."

There was no indication that it will be renewed so it is my belief that we need to raise our voices to the Wildlife Division, our MI representatives, MUCC, retailers, Conservation Clubs etc to get this regulation finalized into regulation. There is no logical reason to rescind this regulation and it is also my belief DNR will fight to allow this to be rescinded since they fought the rule for five years prior to passing of three year trial.

Time to raise your voice fellow hunters!
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Without the prospect of APR's or a bait ban, I played devils advocate for making the whole LP into a shotgun zone, as a way to somehow reduce the 70% yearling buck harvest in my area. But since it appears that both expanded APR's and bait bans are becoming more likely, I emailed the powers that be in Lansing the following...

It appears that the rule allowing straight wall cartridges in the SLP is up for renewal. I certainly hope that you are all for making this a permanent change. The excitement for the rule is obvious, as is the money that goes to Pittman/Robertson, due to the increase in sales. It would be an injustice to allow this rule to lapse.

May I suggest taking the rule one step further. Given the ballistics comparison between modern inline muzzleloaders, high tech slug guns and the 30-30 rifle, there's virtually no reason for the incredibly popular 30-30 not to be included on the "legal cartridge list" in the SLP, even if not straight walled. When sighted in at zero at 100 yards, the 30-30 drops over 17" at 250 yards. When sighted in zero at 150 yards, the 30-30 drops over 5 feet at 300 yards! That's on par with modern shotgun slugs and ML's. And if you're really hoping to attract more buzz and excitement, include the popular 45/70 on the "legal cartridge" list. The .44 mag, which is legal, drops 40" at 250 yards when sighted in at 50 yards. But the 45/70 drops 57" at 250 yards when sighted in at 50 yards, with the heavier bullets. Which is safer in the SLP?
Your first part of the ballistics claim on the 30-30 is true but not the 2nd. 5 feet? It's only only 2 ft at 300 when zeroed at 150 with a 170 gr bullet. http://guide.sportsmansguide.com/ballistic-chart/remington_charts/3030wbal.htm
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