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Story about falconry in GR Press

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Good story about falcons in the Grand Rapids Press today...here is a link
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Tens of thousands of raptors dies each year in this state from natural causes and electrocution and Audobon is concerned that upping the falconry take will pressure the populations? Instead they are limiting the amount of people who could become licensed falconers and therefore safely handle and rehabilitate wild birds--not a trivial exercise I assure you as Deputy found out when I took him hawking a couple of weeks ago.

Hey Deputy, hows the hand? Sorry about the holes in those nice neoprene gloves. :D
...Deputy looks like a squirrel ?? LOL
I think i confused her PET bird:D the bird slammed anice bunny about 4 ft from me as he broke cover pretty cool stuff, now were did i put those kevlar gloves?
For those of you who may not have gone hawking with me yet, please do not be alarmed that my bird may consider slamming you instead of a bunny. Just after Choc had gotten his rabbit, I moved in to dispatch it, but instead asked Deputy if he would demonstrate his method of offing said cottontail. Choc took offense at Deputy trying to "steal" his kill. I did offer him my welding gloves...:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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