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Sterling Sunday Afternoon.

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Went out of Sterling State Park about 3:00 pm on Sunday. The wind was howling out of the NE at 15-20 knots. Wave were 2-4 when I said; Okay, lets go fishing! One of the newbies looked sick before the boat was off the trailer. We plowed strait east until we hit 20 FOW then we turned south with the waves and set lines. 2 down rods, 2 mini discs and 2 lead core off the in-lines. Mini disc 70 back pulling a standard puke was the first to go. The port planer took the next fish on 2 colors of lead. Both down rods took 1 fish each. Lead core took the most fish. Spoons were the ticket for the day. My riders were starting to turn the prettiest shade of green about the same time the waves built to 3-5 footers. After 1 hour we called it. Ended up with 7 eyes 20 - 23 inches. Another 1/2 hour and we would have had our limit but we left because I'm a softie and can't stand to see a grown man in the fetal position.:rolleyes: Hopefully next weekend will be more accommodating to my green horns. :lol:
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yeah, I had to drop off two sickies at the marina after about 15 minutes of fishing. went back out and filled a two man ticket. I have never been seasick myself, but you gotta feel bad for them when they turn that shade of green.
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