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steelhead rod help

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I'm looking for advice on a steelhead rod for fishing from the bank, drifting spawn with and w/o a float. Don't want to spend big bucks. Just curious what everyone uses on the rivers since it's been many years and I've not yet fished for salmonids here in Michigan (I'm a warm water guy). Looking for advice on length, action, comfort, etc.

I'm looking at Cabela's rods, but also Berkley's Buzz Ramsey line and Fenwick's rods. I've got a broken Fenwick I can exchange at a discounted price so my first choice would be a rod from Pure Fishing group, but I welcome any and all suggestions. Going to put a Daiwa SS1300 reel on the rod. Anyone care to share?

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The guide series rods are $10 off this week according to the ad in the paper. My 9 foot Advantage that I use for salmon is only $40 regularly - sensative enough to detect the lightest bite of a perch and strong enough to haul in a 25 pound king hooked in the top of the tail. :eek:
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