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The treaty should be followed verbatim. The Indians don't want that though. Many would be shocked to learn that only full Indians had any rights under the treaty of 1936, although halfbreeds (that word was used in the treaty) did get some consideration. All rights to hunt, fish and gather expired when the state was settled. By the way, I have native ancestry, so don't bother to attack me with labels. This should be required reading before anybody comments on this subject: https://www.saulttribe.com/images/pdf/treaties/1836_treaty_washington.pdf
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I saw one year where the Indians reported zero lake trout caught in MH2 on Lake Huron when I saw with my own ey3es lakers in their catch at least once that year. They are supposed to report lake trout thrown back to, but they reported catching zero in a area loaded with lakers. I have also witnessed Indians selling gill net caught fish (subsistence) in MH1 too.
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