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This is taken directly from the minutes of the November 3rd 2005 NRC meeting as approved by the commission on Dec 1 2005.

Under the heading of 'Public Appearances this item:

"John Ormsby, Afton Deer Managment, has planted over 50 acres of food plots on State land. He expressed appreciation for the assistance and cooperation received by DNR staff in the area nad appreciates the efforts of the NRC."

Does anyone have any amplifying information on this guy or his org????


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Found the following on the web:


WHEREAS, We, the membership of Afton Deer Management, a Michigan nonprofit corporation, do hereby voice our concerns regarding the present status of Michigan’s deer herd and its future.

Our mission is to explore all potential measures so as to foster the cultivation and maintenance of a healthy and well-managed deer herd for the enjoyment of generations of hunters through education, planting and cultivating of crops for the sole purpose of feeding the deer herd and providing nutrition for a stronger deer population, and for select clear cutting to promote new foliage for deer consumption.

As part of this mission, we are requesting your support in our endeavor to bring about the enactment of measures to ensure the quality of the future deer herd in Michigan. By pledging your support, you will be assisting our organization in bringing about the enactment of public policies that will effectuate changes to present deer population control measures, which do not adequately safeguard the prosperity of Michigan’s deer herd for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations of hunters and other sportsmen.

As part of our dedication to the cultivation and maintenance of a healthy and well managed deer herd, we are putting forth every effort to make certain that measures are put into place so as to guarantee a thriving deer herd for ensuring generations to enjoy. An accurate deer count in every Michigan county, as well as the maintenance of an appropriate buck-to-doe- ratio, proper volume and distribution of deer hunting licenses, and the most beneficial scheduling of hunting seasons are all tantamount to the future prosperity of Michigan’s deer population.

Effective deer herd management is a concern to all Michigan residents. The economies of many Michigan communities depend on the annual influx of hunters and sportsmen to their respective areas. Any decline in the quality of Michigan’s deer population could have negative economic impact in these communities and, ultimately, the state of Michigan itself. Therefore, Afton Deer Management is respectfully requesting your support of our continuing efforts to fulfill our mission of ensuring the future success of Michigan’s deer herd. By signing the original copy of this letter, you or your organization can assist us in expressing that our mission is of concern to every Michigan resident.

Afton Deer Management thanks you for pledging your support.
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