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ST Joe Pier Fishing

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White fish and browns being caught off both peirs today on spawn.This is a 2nd hand report from a buddy of mine that has been fishing there.he will be going back tommorow and will give me a report on how he does.He said today the browns over there are going over 10lbs.Steelhead spawn is working best over there.Good luck to those who might be going.make sure you post a follow up on here :)
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Saw around 25 guys on the south pier and one boat this morning
Well kind of ditto as the 1st post.My buddy fished south peir today caught 4 whitefish.He said that he was too late getting there for the brown trout.They were hitting this morning on steelhead spawn then the whitefish moved in along with a few large steelhead and cohos.He also said its kinda tuff tredging through the 2feet of going out to the end of the peir.Its only supposed to get better in the next couple weeks to a month or so.Too bad I cant get there. :rolleyes:
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I was there Sunday. There were about 20 guys out fishing and I saw two steelies, four browns and maybe five whitefish from 10:30-6:00. Pretty slow day for everyone. I'll be back in a couple of weeks when things pick up.

Zob Bob,

Did you see a group of guys w/ a lovable Golden Retriever that didn't catch any fish either? If so that was me and my dog Tip-Up. You'll probably see us quite a bit out there if you fish downstate much.

As for the reports it's awful slow right now-only to get better...I Hope!
I saw about 1000 people walking the pier. Where were you? I started out mid-way doing one rod river, one rod lake and worked my way down to the end by dusk.

I was with a buddy of mine.

I started fishing at about 1:00, and fished until 5 ish. Just past the break on the South Pier. We mainly fished the river.
ZobZob did you talk to guy named Jim.?hes tall with grey hair and beard about 50 or so.Probaly was wearing an orange stocking hat.he fishes with those cheap spinning rods and reel lmao.he had caught some whitefish that day probaly got there after 1pm and fished till after dark.
Stinger, was he fishing by the blue rail?
A blue rail?I dont know he didnt tell me and I have no idea what the place looks like so I wouldnt know for sure.He said he had go around an ice clump that was on a light pole or something like that to get to the end thats all I know.He was 1 of the 2 people still there at dark,He`s a diehard fisherman.If you seen a guy sleeping on the dock taking a nap that was probaly him LOL.My buddy can sleep anywhere on the ice,in the rain,hard cement doesnt matter to him LOL:D
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I think I did actually. I was down at the end towards dusk. There were only about six of us left it was so slow. Is he from Brighton? I remember talking to a guy a while who drove all the way from Brighton... man, that guy sounds as crazy as I am.

Yep thats my bud ole diehard JIm from Brighton.hes a vetinarin and a coach for kids soccer and basketball also.Hes crazy alright and I dont know how or what he runs on?I mean this guy drives every where to fish.Hes a very good guy to fishing with.If it wasnt for him there are times I would have never got to go fishing.He has came many miles out of his way just take me.You couldnt ask to know anyone better as crazy as he is LOL.:D :D :)
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