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St.Joe> outing/planning thread

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It's time to start sounding off about crews, rides, and accomodations for the outing. It will be on Feb 21 and 22 at shamrock park at Berrien springs.
I hope to see many of you return for a continuation of the last couple years fun!;)
Sign-up and let us know if you need a ride, or need a crew for your boat. As the time gets closer we will get more involved with food, tackle, and activities!
I'll be there both days, and possibly even friday!;)
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I will be there with Splitshot in his boat. I don't need lodging or accomodations of any kind.
Hey Spanky I will need a ride on Saturday. I will see what happens for the rest of the time. Let others have a chance.
OK, good to go for sat!;) Those of you that usually go with me should PM me and let me know if you are tagging along or have a new ride! So far I have 2 confirmed crew members for one of the days. I cannot take everyone who needs a ride, but will do the best I can. There will also be quite a few captains who need crews!

So sign -up guys, even if you did on the other thread. Thanks, this will be fun.:cool:
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I will there Friday evening, leaving Sunday night. I am looking to join a crew.

Scarletfever and I plan on coming. I have to get ahold of my friend and see if he wants to attend and if he'll bring his jet sled. I'll post on Monday at the latest.
I'll be there! I'll probably have one if not two open seats for my 16 footer.

Do you guys do any type of potluck?

We did last year because it was fairly nice out. Without knowing the weather, I think we'll play it by ear, unless someone wants to start one.

They started a new thread for a sign-up.
I'd like to meet everyone, and well...fish. Need a ride, but have no problems fishing the bank or pier if there is a group that does that for lack of seats. Hope to be able to make it both days, but Saturday for sure. If someone has an open seat and needs a crew member let me know. It should me interesting and fun to meet those who I am sure I have been fishing next to a few times! Now if the steel can just cooperate.:cool:
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Got you covered, Marc

I'll see if that "crippled one" will join us
It is still 6 weeks away, but... we will have organized some type ofPot luck/buffet by then. Just figure on bringing a tray/pot/kettle full of something that you can do and you think most folks will like. If I remember correctly, last yrs. feast fed us all and any others who happened by at the cabins or the boat launch. We will also be bringing firewood, beer, extra spawn, beer, necessaties to eat and beer! The cabins will be the"head quarters" so to speak and the activities will be centered around the 3 cabins. I did reserve the cabin closest to the launch, and that seams to be the better spot to park the raft and another boat on a trailer.
I;m sure there will be some grills and ways to cook some food. If we have any luck, maybe it will be around the usual Feb thaw!;)
Stay tuned!
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There are outlets in the cabins for crock pots etc.

First cabin Spanky, is that for the Squirrell Monkey guy? it was funny how we fed the guys in the other cabins too, turned into a big party. oh, my head :(

Cool, I finally get to meet the infamous Shoeman :cool:
Looking forward to meeting you as well.

Perhaps we can dicuss your stance on QDM :D
Quality Dairy Milk?
I think I should drag my gimp, crippled and deformed a$$ to this one. It will be nice to see some old friends.

Maybe I'll finally get to meet Spanky. And, with any luck, Marc will be behind the sticks. :eek:
Perhaps we can dicuss your stance on QDM
I almost thought this would come to blows last spring when our neighbor started crap talking about neck shooting all his deer.;) :D

I need a bed for Sat night, and a ride for Sat. I can still bring my boat and fish 1 more guy if need be.
This sounds like fun, I will definitely try to attend!! Will post for sure or not as the date approaches and the wife gives me permission :)
Kurt are you married now? Wish you the best!!

You're welcome in boat if you do make! Been chasing any sky rats?

Yep, got married on New Years Eve! I will be in contact about the fishing trip/accomodations..... Have gone out once after the geese. Saw THOUSANDS last Saturday but none low enough :(

Let me know your plans once you have things figured out.

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