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St Clair river report

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Today I was fishing in the upper part of the river near the bluewater bridge and caught a 6lb steelie about 10 minutes after setting up.I might as well have packed up and went home afterwards because after staying till 7:30 this evening nothing.So far Im 3 for 3 this season.
With 2 browns and 1 steelhead.So far Im off to a better start than last year and I hope this streak continues.Im enjoying the success.:D :D :D
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You guys better get there early if you can.The crowd hasnt been bad during the week but weekends is another story.I havent seen any smelt yet but I know some guys are getting some.
Hey guys up on the upper end of the river along edison drive they are getting about a dozen to a little more near the top about 1-2ft down.
Todays fishing slow nothing caught any where along the upper end.
yesterdays fish was got on what I call a *** spoon.Its pink LOL and it was cock fish.I caught one other cock fish on it last year in January so theres proof to me that these fish are gay LOL.
1 person was fishing the junkyard today but I didnt see any nets go down over the rail.
I will be down there again tommorow to try it out.Im going to try some live bait because I have some xtra large minnows left over that I need to use up before they die.:eek:
Yeah Shane howard caught 1 something and missed a something LOL.he puts his time in but I pass him by many hundreds of hours easily LOL
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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