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St Clair river report

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Today I was fishing in the upper part of the river near the bluewater bridge and caught a 6lb steelie about 10 minutes after setting up.I might as well have packed up and went home afterwards because after staying till 7:30 this evening nothing.So far Im 3 for 3 this season.
With 2 browns and 1 steelhead.So far Im off to a better start than last year and I hope this streak continues.Im enjoying the success.:D :D :D
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what time u gettin down to the river?? i will be down about 1pm saturday afternoon, thinkin pine grove if there is room.. junkyard or circle maybe.. have ya seen any smelt?? could u tell me the name of the sporting goods shop on water street??( i think thats where it is at by the launch there) thanks..
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Thompson's Bait, Tackle & Archery is the tackle shop located on 1222 Water Street in Port Huron. They're located across from the 12th Street boat launch. Here's there number: 810-982-2321. :D

PS. See you there next Saturday with the rods & Smelt net!
You guys better get there early if you can.The crowd hasnt been bad during the week but weekends is another story.I havent seen any smelt yet but I know some guys are getting some.
Good catch Sparkplug, was it a hen or buck? spoon fed or YoZuri? Gonna be cold today, watch um from the car...
thanks walleyevision for the info.. just got off the phone with him and unfrtunatley he hasnt got what i need right now so looks like anglers or probait... wish i could get down there sooner on saturday but 1 is prolly the earliest, will prolly end up settin up on the north end of pine grove, did alright there last fall, 2 steelies, 1 laker and a brown but its not as good as the south end of the wall.... as for the smelt, i believe i seen a post where they said the smelt run in the top few feet in the fast current up there?? is this right?? i guess i will need to modify my net with 2 ropes and a little more weight... will be down saturday afternoon and if my boss permits, lol, early sunday morning(6-630am) and fish all day.. hope to met some people down there from the site... take care
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just have to say, the people at Thompsons are great people with great prices... the gentlemen(forgot his name darn it) went out of his way to make phone calls to locate all the stuff i had interest in and will have it today or tomorrow... now that is service from one sportsman to another... cant wait to get out fishin... ;)
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Thompson's does have some good prices, and nice people too!

As far as the Smelt running high or low...well that depends on where you dip at on the river. I usually dip & fish by the treatment plant, because the current is much slower there. The Smelt run both high OR low in this area.

The good news is that there's usually plenty of guys dipping at various depths there, so it isn't too hard to find out where there running. Just take a stroll along the wall and watch where the successful guys are setting their nets.

I never dipped up by the bridge, but I see alot of guys running their nets up high there.
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Hey guys up on the upper end of the river along edison drive they are getting about a dozen to a little more near the top about 1-2ft down.
Todays fishing slow nothing caught any where along the upper end.
yesterdays fish was got on what I call a *** spoon.Its pink LOL and it was cock fish.I caught one other cock fish on it last year in January so theres proof to me that these fish are gay LOL.
1 person was fishing the junkyard today but I didnt see any nets go down over the rail.
I will be down there again tommorow to try it out.Im going to try some live bait because I have some xtra large minnows left over that I need to use up before they die.:eek:
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stinger, has howard caught anything up there yet?? that man sure puts his time in... i was thinkin bout bringin some large spot tails with me saturday and puttin them on my slider, who knows..let me know if it works out... still comin saturday afternoon, maybe sumthing will change with the warmer weather comin....
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Yeah Shane howard caught 1 something and missed a something LOL.he puts his time in but I pass him by many hundreds of hours easily LOL
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