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St Clair Ice Thickness?

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How thick is the ice by Selfridge? I was thinking of taking my three wheeler this weekend but wanted to know if it was safe.
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There were 4 wheelers out yesterday, if that helps.
Cant speak for Selfridge, but Fairhave has 10" in closer with about 7" out about a mile!!!!!
It was 6 to 7 inch yesterday. Anywhere around cotton road or selfridge, you have to be carefull of gas pockets. A 4 x 4 atv went in at Selfridge Wednesday. I didn't see it but I'll bet He went north form the ramp. There is alwys a gas pocket that has thin ice there (its even with a large pine tree on shore. )

There are alot of beat down trails to drive on Good luck
but I did not offically measure it.
I saw to thin spots hit one with my buddys spud.
one small hit and it went through

Be carefull
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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