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Dredging OK'd to reopen boat launch


SPRING LAKE -- The long-closed boat launch at Spring Lake Village's Mill Point Park on the Grand River could reopen by May after officials Monday authorized the village manager to accept a dredging bid.

During a special Village Council meeting, officials authorized Manager Ryan Cotton to accept the contractor whose bid best complies with Department of Environmental Quality permit requirements and/or best meets the needs of the village. The village is considering two bids for the project -- $14,000 from the Mulder Group of Spring Lake and $15,000 from RCB Dredging of Grand Haven.

The council authorized Cotton to select the best bid because the two companies will handle dredge spoils differently. RCB Dredging is proposing to use trucks to place and remove materials while Mulder Group would use barges.

Both bids call for temporarily closing the end of Cutler Street to be used as a site to place and dry dredge materials. A barge or truck will shuttle between the park and the street end for three weeks while dredging occurs.
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