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Spring Grand Opening at Steves Bait and Tackle"

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Steves bait and tackle -michigan largest salmon fishing store will have a spring grand opening on March 5,6, and 7.
12261 cleveland, nunica phone 616-837-4025.
In store specials and several local charter captains will be on
hand to chat about whatever. I know that dreamweaver spoons will be on sale, also he will have all the new colors for spin doctors.
less than 30 days now for open water fishing
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Where did they move to? Last time I swung in they were'nt there any more?

He moved a little way to the east, now he's on the north side of M-104 across from the gas station right at the ramp to I-96.

When I was in there a couple weeks ago, I think Steve mentioned 30% off on big lake spoons.

His selection is still huge and he moved so he could carry some archery equipment (not there yet) but word has it that he will have an archery range there sometime.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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