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Spring Fever

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I was just wondering what all you are doing to shake off the cabin fever. I'm going to venture out tomorrow and begin to scope out sites to build blinds for the upcoming turkey season. I'll have my longbow in hand with some judo's to kill a few stumps if they come after me.LOL. I'm very blessed to have 45acres of private land to hunt on. Everytime I'm there I thank God for the blessing it is.:D
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I've been messing with cedar and chundoo shafts this winter and have finally come up with the right spine and weight for my bow.

Yesterday when I got done working, the sun was still shining a little bit and the water from melted snow was really starting to pool up in the street in front of our driveway. I stood out there for a little while in a flannel shirt pounding away at the ice to try and break away a little route for the water. I don't know how warm it was yesterday afternoon, but it sure was nice!

We only have 4 acres with our small cabin, but I feel the same way Vesty. There are times when stand there in front of it and just cannot believe how blessed (in many respects) my wife and I have been.

Looking forward to spring and being able to get back up there!;)

I always try to get into a late winter/early spring archery league. It helps fill in the voids! I shoot a 3-D target in the back yard and, if the weather is too bad, I shoot at a hanging bag target or two in the pole building. I like to run the swamps around here to look for shed antlers.

I made some ash arrows last week. I bought them in Kalamazoo. I don't remember the name of the person that made them. He was pretty new in the arrow biz. I shot about thirty times into the wifes raised flower beds before I had rake through the snow to find one!

Ive been working on making a few turkey calls. I threw the bag target out on the snow pile and been shooting a little at 15- 20 yards. The snow has realy melted down so I'm looking forward to taking my Beagle and bow after some rabbits some more. Wont be long and I hope to get to do some carp shooting as well.
Well, I attend the bowhunting banquets and outdoor shows. I just ordered some feathers so I can fletch up some old arrows. I hope to get in a squirrel hunt or 2 with my bow before seasons end. Want to get in some rabbit hunting. Write stories and read stories.;)
Ive been heading to the closest indoor range, 30 minutes away and doing some shooting, and tinkering with different set ups etc. This weekend I will be heading out to do a bunch of scouting/shed hunting. Man I can't wait until spring, and then fall!
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