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Spring Break Plans

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Ok, a few people have contacted me about what I am doing for spring break. Here are my plans. If anyone wants to fish one of these days, send me a PM and we'll see if I can work something out. I am leaving friday mournin and don't know the next time I will be on-line.

Friday~plan on fishing tippy. So far I am bank fishing

friday night-monday mournin I am attending an outing with another site so I am pretty much booked.

Monday night I plan on going home. I might hit a creek or mo on the way there.

Tuesday-thursday mounin-going home and exploring the area more in SE michigan. Might hit up metro for some perch. Anyone hear anything about there???

Friday-Plan on fishing the PM and the Little M. Maybe Big M a little.

Saturday-I believe I am fishing with a friend and I don't know what the plans are. Probably fish the PM and Little M. Don't know yet. My plans ahead of this will probably coorispond of what we plan on fishing. Sorta confusing?

Sunday I would like to fish the platte if possible after I say good bye to my friend. I believe it's open but I haven't looked yet. If it's closed i'll probably fish the Little M more.

As of now these are my plans but anything could change them up. PM if you would like to possibly get togather or something on one of my free days and i'll see what I can do.. sorta confusing

POLARBEAR and I know there was someone else-what are your plans??
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Well, not much of a drinker so that solves one problem. and the lady's flock my room on the week nights:p

That's why I need away from them, lol

Wheres time for homework, geesh.

That's one the places I was thinking about. I'll get ahold of you if I want to come fish it. Have the mooski started showing up yet?
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