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Spey Forum - Why spey?

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Thank you to @Steve @PunyTrout @Shoeman and @sfw1960 for trying out a new sub-forum to discuss all things spey fishing.

I was introduced to spey fishing in a round about manner. There was a switch rod on closeout at one of the GR fly shops and I figured I’d try it out. I went about it a little backwards. I bought a WF line 2 weights heavier than its line class and loved booming out huge single handled casts to Indy fish and swing on the Muskegon for kings.

That worked ok. Then I did buy a proper switch line but had no idea how to spey cast.

In 2017 I went on a trip for char on a river about 2/3 the size of the Muskegon but with zero trees. One of the guides saw me making ridiculous single hand casts that were requiring way too much work.

He lent me a leader and showed me some basic casts. Two handed casting is much easier and so beautiful to do once you get the basics down. So, within a 1/2 hour I was making passable spey casts with that rod. I fell for it and now prefer it to all other fishing except for hoppers in the dead of summer.

When a fish hits a swung fly, oh my goodness. What a rush.

I am not good at it yet but hope that this sub-forum becomes very active with meetings to help each other learn and have fun.

Cheers and hope we get a nice active group from this.
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Just noticed this new Sub-Forum and now I have a new reason to stick around this site (The BS on some of the other areas was getting old). Been casting a two-hander now for 6 years and it is my favorite way to fish. My local river is the Huron where I've caught about a dozen over the years but I'll swing one of my many Senyo style flies just about anywhere.

If anyone ever gets the chance I highly recommend a trip to Alaska, it is a two handers dream trip.

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