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Anyone know where I could buy spawn in bulk??? I found one place but they only sell skeins, and I want to buy some loose eggs.
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I spend whatever amount of time I need to every Fall, to catch enough Salmon to give me loose eggs for the next year. I usually keep a little more than I figure I will need, in case I don't get as many the next year.

It is illegal to sell uncured fish eggs in MI, and I do not use cured eggs. It is fun and relatively easy to catch enough Salmon for eggs every year. Kind of gets your game ready for Steelhead, too.

If you hang around Charter-boat docks during the peak of Salmon Season, you can probably get some eggs they would otherwise throw away. Anywhere with a fish-cleaning station is a good bet.
It isn't against the law to sell uncured salmon eggs in mich! I do believe you have to have a license to do so. I know of a couple charters who buy 1 gallon bucket fulls every fall from a dealer.
I know they are not cured.

The tip about the cleaning stations is a good one though! In times of need, I have got spawn from them too. Sometimes you can even ask folks if you can clean their fish for them for the chance to keep the spawn yourself. You may be suprised how many will let you, that is if you know how to do a good job!

Just go with a couple of good river anglers or on a boat when the fall Kings come near the piers. It only takes 2-3 fish to set ya up for the whole fall season.
Yeah, my plan was to catch a few salmon last fall with the desire to catch a few loose ones and get some spawn. But, with work, duck hunting in North Dakota, and bowseason, the few times I did get out to fish, my luck put me into either males, or hens that weren't ready yet.

Not a big deal, I can buy bags from the local bait shop. I just thought there might be a place I could buy it in bulk. Thanks for the suggestion about the cleaning stations though.
You just keep hunting during Salmon and Fall Steelhead season. You are my favorite kind of Steelhead fisherman - the kind who hunts :eek:)

The fish cleaning station at Tippy dam can be a gold mine.
Is there a specific reason you want loose eggs? I river fish from sept. thru march, and rarely use loose eggs. We fish either salmon or steelhead skein. You can tie it fresh or borax cure it. Don't let not having lose spawn keep you from fishing. :) :) Roughneck
Thanks for the tip Roughneck. I got a half a Meijer's sack of skein still, woo-hoo!
Hemish, don't worry about the spawn being old I figure old spawn is better then NO spawn. If you happen to catch a female steelhead while fishing string her up and with a knife or pair of scissors cut a gill or two on either side of the fish. This will bleed the fish and the skeins will also lose the blood in them and be much brighter. When you get home you can either keep it for fresh or wash it off with fresh water and wrap it inpaper towel and put in cold area over night. The next day cut it into pieces big enough (say thumb nail size) for tying into sacs. I shake the pieces up in a zip lock bag with 20 mule team borax. Seperate the spawn from the powder and put enough for a days fishing in a freezer bag and freeze. Maybe you already no this or have a different method. Take it or leave it good luck! ;) :D Roughneck
Thanks for the tip Roughneck. I tried the bleed 'em technique for the first time last year and it really shows a difference, especially when cooking filets!
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