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Son of a *****

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I just looked at the weather forecast for the next week...multiple days in the 40's......looks like I wont be on ice until after the new year.:mad: :mad:
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Surf fishermen and the river guys will be in heaven tho.
One must adapt to the conditions to be successful :)
It would seem another trip to the rivers is in order....but I'd rather have the ice.
Head north young man, Head North! LOL!!!.....Patch
this heat is killing me got all my gear redy to go and no ice :mad: :mad:
Patch, you got it right, head north.

I just drove around to check some of my spots and the one that had 2" of ice is now open in the middle. Guess I'll unload the shanty from the truck and get ready to yell at the weather forcasters for the next week. You know it's all their fault;) :p

My wife says I have a problem because at this time of year I get really upset when people complain about the cold temps. My reply is if you don't like the cold get out of MI. But that's just the ice fisherman in me talking.

I'll be heading up north either next weekend or the weekend after that depending when I hear there is safe ice on our lake!!!
I found a little ice on a pond/lake. Good 4". Set up with some waxies and a tip up. Nada....silch.....waiting.....
Was nice to air out the shanty and test drive the equipment. But not a bite :( Just sat and pondered how cool the new icefishing season will be when it gets here.

SO, I took the wax worms the little fishies didnt eat and went 2-3 on steelhead. :)
Yea, head North,,,,The milder temps are fine with me,,,,buy an air boat. Keeps the geese and ducks around longer. Now don't stone me to death here:) I am totally against this whole ice fishing thing untill goose season is over,,,,then let there be ice snow,,,whatever,,,,wait till February,,,,,no harsh weather till them,,,that's what I want for Christmas:)
Im north and going icefishing today:)

I hope you don't get everything you want for Christmas...:D
We need some Ice. (Just kidding you);)
It's my fault guys! If I would not have bought that $#&*# snowmobile we would be up to our a$$ in snow and have 2 feet of ice!!!!LOL Give it another week or two(I hope) AL:D
Al... you can correct the problem if you buy a new boat... LOL..:) :)
Originally posted by Dead Bird
Al... you can correct the problem if you buy a new boat... LOL..:) :)
Dead Bird, if I did that we will have ice till July!!!! See ya on the lake bud. Happy Holidays :D AL
I'll be heading up today to the Western U.P!

Ice, ice, ice

Took a ride up to Gaylord yesterday, and it's a different world up there right now. Snowmobiles on the trails, shanty's on the smaller lakes & so on........250 miles north of here is where you need to be if you can't wait any longer!!!:)
Wait till next week. Warm again this coming weekend, then about Tues of next week a cold blast of air to set up some ice.
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