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Some great pics + picture test

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These are some pictures I took last week of an ice jam just north of Geno's after that big wind storm we had. I was just checking things out around the area and when I sew this I had to see it up close. When I did find the street where this jam was located there was some news crews also taking pictures. Also I'd like to thank one of the residents for allowing me to take some shots right where this big jam made land fall.
This is also a test to see if I'm figuring-out how to resize my pictures for posting. If these post real small could someone resize them for all to see.

From the street,

From the lake side looking east,

From the lake side looking west,

Again looking to the west,

As of today the jam is still there.
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Jeff, your problem today is you pics are too small. (100x75)

I usually resize mine to 300x500.

Then too you might still be posting it wrong. (as you were before) If you would like I'll PM you my phone number and run you thru it first hand. Your just bypassing a couple of steps.

Looks like you got the right steps but you pics are too small. Resize back to 300x500 and then try it.

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Jeff, I took one of your pics and resized it to 500 x 300. Came out too grainy on my puter by doing that.

Take another pic and resize the original to 300 x500 and then post as you did. Should work.
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