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As the weather was nice I decided to walk the local farm. I snatched the Rem 700 HB 243 this time. As I walked to the back of the barn, myself and Mr chuck were eye to eye at 25 yards. Hes looking at me with a mouthful of grass and thinking oh &%^** hunter! Im looking at the chuck with my 243 on my shoulder thinking &#([email protected]%( woodchuck! The staredown, and I tried to sidestep for some cover to get a shot.....
He bolts for cover, and I can only laugh. Maybe next time.
Continuing on, I saw another near the creek about 300 yards distant. I hear a tractor coming quickly to the west. The chuck was having none of it, and I see the farmer speed past fertilizing the far field. Hm, not shaping up for a good hunt.
Last I spied another chuck off a long ways down, maybe 600 yards. The farmers closing fast with the tractor rig. I decided to call it a day. Not every day works out, but it beats sitting home. Just in case you guys thought we get them everytime....getting shut out is just part of the game. Will give it another go when its sunny again.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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