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Some Consent Decree news...

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It never ceases to amaze me the number of posters who, for whatever reason, withhold important if not vital information, bandy about acronyms and the like and then seemingly expect replies and comments.

CPMR (pick your favorite) : Conflict Prevention Management Resolution, Center for Promotion of Multidisciplinary Research, Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative, Computerized Patient Medical Record, Chinese Postal Map Romanization, Coat Protein Mediated Resistance and evidently about another 50 or so. :dizzy:

9mm Hi-Power
Read the article and it won't be so confuzzing...
Some people sit around and complain that there is nothing that can done. Some people decide to act. I'm glad there are still a few action people left to protect the resources for the complainers.
Donate – Coalition to Protect MI Resources
Thanks for posting the link. I just donated, again. I'm also a paid member of several of the organizations in the coalition.
Remember, it was their land not ours! We took it away from them but gave them perpetual use of the land in the 1836 Treaty zone. The Treaty allows hunting and fishing rights on all public and PRIVATE land. Netting Houghton, Higgins, Torch lakes would be allowed.
The Consent better defined fishing zones, quota's and obligations by the Fed's, State to maintain an adequate supply of catchable fish.
You stated we don't have a chance to keep our rights. You got that backwards, it's their rights not ours.
Yeah! They stole it first! Or, maybe second, who knows?
It ain’t looking good, but at least the CPMR (and recreational fishing) will go down swinging.

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And literally no one gives a turd...
13 “non-tribal” commercial outfits, he wrote. The Garden Peninsula is famous for Whitefish sandwiches; now via truck from the north shore I believe.

Lately I am wondering if the Lk MI Whitefish population competes with the Lk MI Lake Trout population, and who wants what where, if so.

I am getting closer to buying some fish some day. $6/gallon fuel makes a rain day excursion to just go catch some a more fraught decision.
Just about everywhere in this state it's a closer drive to a swimming fish dinner than it is to a fish market that sells great lakes fish.
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Time to clean house...
I suppose MUCC would be one-sided when it comes to the director of the Department of Natural Resources doing zero to protect said resources. The "director" has has no care for the interests of the state's recreational anglers or conservationists. His only interest is to pander. He is not doing his job. He needs to go. There is no "other side"...
With a non disclosure agreement how does anyone know what is truly going on in talks? Speculation runs strong.
Right. We do not know what is happening with the talks. We do know that the DNR is not looking after it's (our) interests.
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They are just working within the legal, political, special interest, Treaty, Consent, Government and Biological constraints and have to make decisions that make EVERYONE happy. An impossible goal.
I'm so glad you chimed in to play devil's advocate. When the main conservation watchdog group in the state is crying fowl on the DNR after working with them so closely, some have said too closely, I'd say say there's something to it. Sometimes I think you only join these conversations to be argumentive and stir the pot.
Yeah the DNR did it, in the back room, with the top secret plan.
Not the trillion Quagga Mussels, in the Lakes, with their natural food source.

7 days till the 30th. No one likes driving to meetings in the snow, everyone is sick of Zoom, and no one wants to be forced to think too much around a Memorial Day weekend. I predict all we hear next week is: “June 30th.”
That's not what anyone is saying. The DNR is doing NOTHING. It won't be extended is what I'm hearing. It's done.
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How can you get rid of him?
He's appointed...
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