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Sockeye fishing methods?

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Question; Please;
Anyone having exstensive knowledge on sockeye fishing.
I am going to Alaska in June, for the peak Sockeye run.
I need to know specifics.
What fly's do they bite? (I like to say "I refuse to floss fish").
The group I am going with insists that they don't bite much.
So, should I target other peak attendee's like rainbows,
cutthrouts and char as a backup.
I am going to Yakutak. About half way between Juneau, and
Thank you for your feedback.
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Although sockeye (reds) don't bite much, they can be caught. And yes, alot of people "line 'em". I won't question or get into the sporting issues with lining, all I know is that once you hook 'em, pound for pound they're the wildest salmon I've had on the end of the line. I did '01 & '02 on the Kenai in July. Here is a link that has plenty of patterns to review. I used several of the ones identified here. Oh, and by the way... reds are a FOOD FISH !!!

rowboat said:
Sockeye's rock!
Yes they do!!!!!

Glad to hear you had a great time.

Just to stimulate some of your memories (and mine) here's one that flipped me the fin a couple years ago.

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yep it was the Kenai. a do-it-yourself trip.

there is a forum that has the destructions for pic poting. go there, thats the easiest way i can tell ya.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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