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Sockeye fishing methods?

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Question; Please;
Anyone having exstensive knowledge on sockeye fishing.
I am going to Alaska in June, for the peak Sockeye run.
I need to know specifics.
What fly's do they bite? (I like to say "I refuse to floss fish").
The group I am going with insists that they don't bite much.
So, should I target other peak attendee's like rainbows,
cutthrouts and char as a backup.
I am going to Yakutak. About half way between Juneau, and
Thank you for your feedback.
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They will hammer down big gaudy flies, but the bows are where its at. the big thing there is to use 6-8mm beads. You slide the bead on your line then tie on a single hook. Take a toothpick and "peg the bead a few inches above the hook. The nice thing about the beads are you can get them in all colors of the rainbow and different sizes to match the hatch. The downside of bead fishing is it tears the fish up. When the fish strikes the bead, you set the hook into the side of the fishes face. Personally, I wasn't liking that too much, so I stuck with Yarn eggs and did pretty good, but buddies with the beads had more strikes. Check the rivers your fishing, they have different rules on how far a bead can be above your hook.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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