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So much for fiscal responsibility

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One nice thing about winter birthdays is you can get all the stuff you didn't get for Christmas. Like the two different decoys I really didn't need, so I spent our discretionary holiday funds on my wife and kids. The Victoria's Secret card for the wife has already paid dividends for me that no decoy will ever benefit her, but I digress. The record player and Pink Floyd vinyl for the oldest are epic, and the youngest got the pleasure of digging through a vacuum bag to find the toys she didn't pick up.

After $5100 in bills due to a fortunately negative cancer scare with my wife, awaiting results over Christmas, a couple nice bras are money well spent. Glad we crashed that through last year before switching to the high deductible plan this year, to which I celebrated new year's by splitting a molar. That's gonna be a lot of decoys. Probably not just going to pull it as on the tooth damage rate vs. life expectancy plot I'm going to need to keep this tooth.

So the one set of decoys went from $39.99 to $44.99. OK, some other place has them. But no, they too jacked the price. Bummer.

The others on sale for $65 sold out. No backorder. Other websites have them for $80, Cabela's to which I have gift cards for $90+ tax.

Grrr... Should have skipped paying the property taxes early, funding my kid's hot lunch accounts and replacing the power steering pump that was leaking.

Off to the woods to cut more firewood to sell to interesting Allegan County residents via Craigslist. "I only brought $100."
"It's $150 a cord. I'll sell you two face cords for $100"
"F you. I'll just come back and steal it".
"I'll pepper the driveway with roofing nails and make sure the extra magazines for the .40 are handy. Now excuse me while I take your picture and that of your license plate"
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Glad to hear your wife is ok. My wife is a survivor. Free of cancer the last three. I always like your posts and your name is appropriate. Lol. Nothing wrong with spoonies imho.
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