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SNOWBLOWER - Snapper - 8HP - 26 inch mouth

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This is not mine, posting for my brother-in-law. He has a Snapper Snowblower, model# 826, has a 8 hp Briggs motor, mouth is 26" wide and about 19" tall, has 6 forward gears and 1 reverse, chains for tires, starts and runs great, throws the snow great too. Asking 550.00 or offer. I can get any other details if you need them. Sorry, I dont have pics yet.
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It throws rocks well too............through windows of cars. Oops
pm'd ya back
Make an offer if anyone thinks price is too high - more snow is coming.
Price reduced to 450.00
Is it new? What year? Is this a big model, (in comparison to the others) I know nothing about them. My father-inlaw's just bit the dust and he lives in the UP near Newberry. He has been shoveling for 2 weeks- I wouldn't want to be doing that:rolleyes:

Let me know!

Jeff- BMT
This is a big model, definitely made for throwing alot of snow that the UP would get. As of now I'm not sure what year it is but in the process of getting that. It's in good shape. I'm guessing it may be 5-10 years old. I will post info as soon as I get it.
OK - more - info.
The model# is 8261, Snapper website shows it is a 1990, large-frame 2 stage snowblower. Link to Snapper website
HERE, click on 'Publications' at the top, then input model# 8261 for a owners/service manual for great details.
I will forward this thread to my f-i-law.

Sorry, his was a 9 hp 30". He is actually looking for something bigger than his old one:eek:
Ok - thanks for the consideration and bump. Here is a pic of what it looks like - this is not an actual pic of the one for sale though, just to give you an idea of how big it is.
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