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I had mentioned seeing a Fox Snake near the barn on another thread and Stickbow and Jr were disappointed that I didn't post a photo of it. Well, I saw 2 of them yesterday and did take some pics. These snakes (also called Pine Snakes up here) are fairly common. We have seen many of them that are 5 feet in length. Although they do look somewhat like the Missasauga Rattler they are actually non-venomous and quite harmless. My wife doesn't like the idea of having them around the barn and her garden but they do eat a lot of voles (my apple tree nemesis) and ticks so they are OK in my book:

In reading this link below, I see that Michigan is home to both the Western Fox Snake and the Eastern Fox Snake:

Fox Snake - Snake Facts

I saw this small female working her way along the edge of the barn. When I approached it to get a photo it turned around and went the other way:

Wood Rectangle Wood stain Siding Hardwood

When I came back a few minutes later I saw that it had hooked up with a larger male at the corner of the lean-to:

Wood Road surface Reptile Asphalt Iguania

Snake Reptile Scaled reptile Python Serpent

They appeared to be mating:

Snake Reptile Scaled reptile Terrestrial animal Viper

When I returned a few minutes later they had both disappeared but then I noticed that the larger one which had apparently climbed up the corner post inside of the steel, was working his way down under the concrete. I don't want to trap them in there now but I will be filling in this hole come fall:

Wood Road surface Flooring Floor Asphalt
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I’ve seen a few pine snakes in Iron county on our family fishing trip in July. Coolest one was out in the middle of the lake just swimming along.
Grandpa told a story of an old shack of a deer camp with buddies. The guys started a fire and started playing cards when all of a sudden a 5ft pine snake fell from the rafters, hit the card table and send everyone out of the camp. Fire must have warmed him up enough to get moving lol.
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