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LOL - Great idea FM!

I painted a few of em last year and haven't seen them back here yet...of course maybe they shed their skins since I colored them up? 😀

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OK, time for a story but on a different subject, sure hate to do that on this forum! :giggle: A buddy worked at a Gravel Pit that had a lot of big Snapping Turtles in the ditches. He would find them and put them in a big trash barrel. He would take them to his stream that had running water and a ton of water grass growing in it. He would cable the Snappers from the shell to a steel pole driven into the bank. He would keep them there for a few weeks feeding them clean stuff before butchering them. In order to be able to see where the very mad 24" Snappers are he would spray paint the shell with orange paint. One got loose and headed back to the pit 10 miles as the crow flies. That path went directly through another's friend property that was a large acreage cash cropper. Our friends mother was out hanging laundry when the orange Snapper crossed her path. She goes running into the barn yelling at her son. " Bill, I told you that you were using to much spray".
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