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Smithville #5 - My Buck

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I had passed this deer three times in bow season inside 20 yards. He fooled me a little yesterday but it is bigger then what I thought he was in bow season but not as big as what I thought I was shooting yesterday at 100 yards. I started to video him yesterday morning and was going to pass and then I took a third peak through the binos and thought that is the bigger of the two I need to shoot that deer. His tipped brows are a dead give away he is the smaller of the two deer for sure and the one I have passed a few times. Really happy with the kill only my second buck since 2005 after letting hundreds go. My girls get to recover a lot of deer on the farm but very few that dad actually shoots. This was the first buck they have helped me recover so that was special. We had a fun recovery my wife, two girls, sister in-law and dad all helped get him out. He's 18" outside spread and 6" tines guessing he will score in the 110-115 range. The unfortunate part is we believe he is a 2.5 deer and I have tried really really hard not to shoot anything less then 3.5. He will eat good and this stuff and learning is what hunting is about! Another great day in Smithville

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