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smelt fishing was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!

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The smelt were practicaly jumping on our hooks:D on higgins over the weekend. Meet up with Backlash (thanks for the tips) and after moving around in the group of people that were spaced 5ft apart, the smelt kept biting all day.:D the final tally was 3/4 of the bucket full.

smelt in the hole.

An old timer with his smelt reel he said it works better in deeper water. We wre in 16ft.

Elbo room only.

This pic was taken after a good amount were removed
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HA! Just posted a note on a different thread. Village was dead Friday afternoon and evening ... Sounds like we should have stuck around for the day shift on Saturday!
Yeah, it was fun. Nice to have met you and your bud Sportsman. Thanks for the ride and use of the auger. Too bad I had to leave early, but a quarter bucket was plenty enough for me. I'm glad you took a ride down to the group or it would of been a dud of a fishing day. That old timer with that reel was a sweet set - up, and the way it was used makes me want to make one for next year. Totally awesome getting multiple hook - ups with that reel. All day long the smelt were hitting, non stop action. Sportsman we are gunna have to hook - up and go after some eyes down here on the bay.
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Looks like fun!

Thanks for sharing.
Me and my brother-in-law cleaned 206 of 'em Sunday morning. We fished from 8:00p til 11:00p Saturday night. 23 FOW.
Very cool pictures, that looks like a blast:)
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