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Smelly storage compartments

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Anyone have a good product to get rid of musty smelling storage compartments? Mostly the in floor storage area, and the bilge area?
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I use dryer bounce sheets. They work pretty good. Give them a try.
All the above. I think it sat outside without a cover for a while. I've been airing it out, but it's taking too long. I thought febreez would work good on the carpeted side storage.... just at a loss for the aluminum bilge and in floor areas.
Arm and Hammer Kitty Litter. Leave it in there to suck up the moisture and the scent. Scoop it out after a day or so or use a shop vac.
Thanks Jeremy,
Is there anything simple green can't fix.
explodingvarmints said:
Thanks Jeremy,
Is there anything simple green can't fix.
Yep, a mean case of herpes!!!!:lol: :lol:
A mix of bleach and water in a spray bottle and then dish soap just make sure you do it in your own drive way and not the river ;) or spend the money and go to the boat store and buy cleaner. be careful with the bleach it might bleach out the carpet.
I had a raccoon spend the winter in my Sport craft one winter. The only thing that made it go away and smell good was Woolite Pet and stain remover. good luck.
Simple Green works good. When I get back to the dock and take the fish out, drain it, fill it up with more water, and take my hand and splash it around good, and then drain it out, seems to help alot.;)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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