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Smells like........Victory

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Well, after months of searching posts, takin' notes, and buyin' all kinds of stuff I "need".....it all finally paid off today on my 4th time out on the hard water.

yes sir.....landed my first keeper gill. Next goal is a limit. Things are lookin' up :)

Thanks to all of you guys who post...I've learned a ton of stuff and hopefully I'll see some of you out there this year
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Originally posted by FishFood
yes sir.....landed my first keeper gill. Next goal is a limit. Things are lookin' up :)
Good job FishFood on your 1st keeper gill, you gotta start somewhere, although I bet your a bit on the humble side. BTW, welcome to the site!
Welcome FishFood. I love the smell of bluegill in the morning;). Good luck with that limit!

You have now been infected. Good luck
To what, did you set your "keeper size" at? The limit is just another outing away!
He was just shy of 9.....caught a handful smaller than that and let those go. If I'm gonna spend the time to clean them I'm gonna make it worth my while
;) Nice gill!
congrats Fishfood. And welcome to the site.

"FishFood" - Welcome to the site! Congrats on the gills and good luck on that limit!
Congats. That said, maybe you should find a new spot if you only got one keeper in 4 outings.:p welcome!
Might be the case carp....but the jury's still out on if it's the lake or me. Think I "need" to get a Vex to figure it out.
I just bought one, hard to justify the purchase, until a buddy & me pulled about 125 gills (only about 50 keepers) in about 4 hours. Know I feel much better about the purchase. :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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