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Super short trip today, 1st in almost 3 weeks....made one pass jigging Queens side, think I got 4 Smallmouth on blue ice fin-s....brother one walleye....a 2nd pass in MI. water and brother got 3 more Walleye on chartreuse paddletail & I lost 3 something's....& more Smallies....

Fish seemed to be snapping pretty good, WT 53` and MI water is cleean....a 18" Smallie slammed my jig and it had a pretty good sized fish in it's gullet, 1/2 way anyhoo, lol....the tail was almost sticking out it's mouth but pretty "digested" already....wishing I had more time !!....

Buddy got a 2 man limit handlining in same time frame, lol !!....we got fish from 20' to 38'....7 Smallies total in 2 hours, crazy....
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