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small stream posts

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I'll probably get a bunch of "do you think you own the river" and "freakin purist" responses for this but here goes anyway.
Why would anyone want ot post on the Rogue! I'm all about helping someone out but why advertise it to the world. Try a sample post like this. I'm heading to the Rogue on saturday and i was wondering what I can expect? please PM me with a report. The pressure on rivers like the Rogue and the White has exploded in the last couple of years,so why oh why make it worse? I have watched the Rogue go severly downhill in the last couple of years,WHY help it along??? I hope people will realize what they are doing before the White becomes an overfished fish farm like the Rogue has turned into.
Please don't bother with posting bashing remarks to this post. It will do no good, its my opinion and it won't change! But,I would like to see how many of you agree with me. This post is not meant to single anyone out, just to hopefully make people reconsider posting about certain things.
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Obviously you are trying to call out another member for his recent post on the Rogue. This is still something that we as a website and moderators are trying to figure out. What should and should not be allowed. I am sure you have seen some of the discussion w/ regards to that. I for one am still not sure whether or not rivers like the rogue should be posted on, but until we (the site) figure out an answer posts like this serve very little good.
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As John said this is still up for discussion. There are some who might not have any problem with this but I suspect this will be one of the rivers we will not allow naming in the very near future.
Quest, I'm not "calling anyone out" Thats why I wrote "this post is not meant to single anyone out."And scoot PLEASE don't think that that I am:eek: I appologize already if that is what it looked what I was doing. This is a great site and I guess in a round about sort of way I was just hoping this site wouldn't end up like the other one!
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I understand that you don't want this site to end up like the other one. That is my goal also, trust me. But the timing of your post in this thread and the other SW thread started by scoot made it sound like you were directing that post at him. I just didn't think that it served much purpose other than creating controversy.... which if you look at about 3 other threads discussing the same topics we have more than enough of.

This will all get worked out soon enough, it will just take some time. Bad timing i suppose.
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Sorry again to you and scoot!!!! I guess you're right, enough controversy.
Sorry again,
See? Top notch guys with top notch respect for one another. All the stir up will soon settle and we will all get along just fine regarding stram names.
Hey Steve maybe we can experiment with members being "encouraged" to not name there specific river but not enforced. I only posted on the river I fish a couple different times. I decided on my own to limit when I mention this river. Heck I was a newby in the Salmon and Steely world when I first came here and Ill admit I used this site as a guide as to where to go, but after time you just know when and where. Time of year , temps, water levels, recent rains, and also lake fishermans reports all give me a puzzle, I figure out and seem to figure out well, to get me on fish.So maybe things are ok if we just choose to not name out river. Heck if I name mine the others arnt far behind.
just a thought, dont want a fight.
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My bad guys i didnt think it was that big of a deal. It's all part of the sport to me, especially on the rogue. I do post on it a lot but the fishing presure hasnt gone up in my experience. I just like to throw up a report or two for guys that dont have the luxury i have of being able to go out a time or two a week. And lets face it this time of year if youre out there its not because some kid posted a picture of one or two he caught. Im not revealing secret holes or sections of river so there shouldnt be a problem. I just like to post pics and reports when i get bored. All i know is in about a dozen trips to the rogue this winter Ive seen less than a dozen guys. Yep spring is comin up and im sure ill stop posting
but will the rogue still be unbelievably packed? Yep. Will we still fish it? Yep. Hope i dont offend anyone or make this a "brag board" or a "hey everyone fish here" report but i put my hours in on the river and im proud of every head shake i get. If there's a lot of people on the river-great. If not-great. Its all part of the sport and experience to me. Sorry but I'll continue to post on the rogue to help out others as they have helped out me.
For those who care he is another brief report of a stream i fish for steelhead. I ended up with my biggest steelhead of the winter yesterday (tuesday) that prolly tipped the scale to 12 or 13 pounds. Fish absolutely crushed a plug and was realeased to put more fish in the big steelhead gene pool. Here are some pics of the last two days.
Nice Brown

Average Buck

Big Boy

The Release

Theres some pics and a brief report take it for what its worth.
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I'll again promote the banning of any mention of the smaller streams, with only the lower portions (below the first dam up from the Great Lakes) of the St. Joe, Grand, Muskegon, Big M, and Au Sable. Even in these, care needs to be taken not to narrow down the stretch/hole fished. Where to put the PM in this and the excellent info given out by BBT, I don't know. The reports of Bob and Steve are very honest and forthright and are a major plus for this site.

I am as guilty as many others in referring to some small rivers. In the past I would mention a river, namely the Betsie R., and mentioning holes, "above the coffer dam at Tippy", etc. I'll no longer do this.

I do believe that a workable policy on this can be developed and implemented.

In these forums I NEVER post the names of any of the smaller streams that I fish, but rather mention that I fished a stream in my baliwick of NW Michigan and then give the report. If I did mention the name of the stream I would be hung, drawn, and quartered by fellow members who also fish the same river/creek.........and with good reason. Except for Splitshot, they're all younger than me and I couldn't outrun 'em.........LOL!

By the way, this also applies to inland lake fishing.

You won't see magazine articles from me mentioning the names of these treasured bodies of water as well.
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Scoot, awesome fish dude! Bet that was a fight!!!!!
Very well said, I agree.

Scoot, nice fish man...luv the brown
You won't see magazine articles from me mentioning the names of these treasured bodies of water as well.
I have to agree with that, Whit, but there is an other side to that. Let's say your doing a "How to" article in May or June, I don't see anything wrong with something like "several different rivers annually receive a strong run of Chinook salmon. Among the most popular are the Big Manistee, Grand and St. Joe. Expect to see a crowd, but as long as a certain amount of ettiquette is followed the fishing can be productive."

To me, that's more generalized information and is quite a bit different than telling people that the highest concentration of fish can be found in October and Suicide Bend is the place to be.

In this whole debate that's gone on about naming the rivers, some may think that I'm just trying to keep people off "my" river and Caddis and I have had a bit of fun with that. However, that's not the case and would I support a limited naming of rivers? Sure...as long as some common sense is applied when it comes to certain waterways.

I have no problem with reports on the Big M or Grand or St. Joe, because those are tribs that have proven they can handle a large amount of pressure and still maintain a great (if not hectic) fishery. My concern is with rivers like the K-Zoo, the Mo and even the Betsie. Can they absorb a glut of pressure like the above mentioned rivers? No, and I can't see the justification in lumping those rivers into a "Ok to post" classification just for the reason that they're "Big". Personally, I did not support the "no naming" policy because of some attempt to keep people "off my river or away from my fish" as I've been accused of, rather I supported it because it eliminated any gray area when it came to which rivers should make the list and which rivers should not. If the naming of rivers is going to continue, there has to be some common sense in posting reports. Since a lack of that (or perhaps it was just not knowing any better) is what led to the no naming policy in the first place, I think we the membership, should respectfully point out certain posts that could be harmful to the resource said members are posting on and try to respectfully encourage them to use a little more discretion in the future.

Anyway, I'll continue to write my "how to" articles as they've helped quite a few people and I've always received positive feedback on them. I've made it point to help others with presentation and technique and that certainly won't change one bit...I love helping people out, I love talking about methods, techniques, ect and for me to stop sharing that kind of information would be foolish since I've been doing presentations at Woods N Waters Outdoor weekend every year and also working on a book entitled, "FISH ON! A Beginners Guide to River Salmon and Steelhead Fishing" for the last two years! Will I mention river names in my articles? Only if it's generic information that's related to what I'm writing about (I.E. "Tips for River Run Salmon").

Gotta Go...kids are waking up! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! :D
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I like your idea about making something up for the newbies. When I first joined this site, I posted on a smaller tribe because I didn't know posting on the net could ruin a river. A certain member who I can call a friend ask me to keep it quiet on the river. I didn't see why, but I do now.

Maybe we can start something on certain river to name.

Do you think eliminating access point in our post would help out the bigger stream also???
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I do mention those streams in a general article as you say. The difference is that I don't include those in my "treasured" trout streams.
I didn't really get to post that much on the river debate, but I am going to come at it from a different angle with respect to the Rogue. I admit that I fished this river because of reports I read on TSS and this site. It is the only river that I would classify this way because it is not really mentioned much in other media. What really got me interested was that people seemed to be so protective of this river. On TSS, you can't really post on it, and people get flamed all the time posting on it here. Anyway, I have fished it about 10 times and took one friend. Beautiful river, but not the best fishing I experienced. I may be back, and I may not.

The point I am trying to make that other members' contribuitons here got me to try a different river, and I had some great times exploring it. If a report I make gets someone to try a new area, and they enjoy it, great. I think everyone should be free to report as they like within the rules of the site. While I understand the reasoning behind not posting river names, I think posting the names still has some value. Don't post the holes though, let people find them.

Great pics Scoot, and keep the reports coming.
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