Old foodplot/garden disk. About 42" wide. I used this on my smaller foodplots to open up the soil some before broadcasting rye, wheat, oats or small seeds. Worked well for that job. I pulled this with my SxS, but small enough to pull with riding lawn mower. This is not big enough or heavy enough to do big plots or to turn over sod. Works very well on garden soil.
I haven't used this for about 5 years after getting new disk. At that time all the zerks took grease.......assuming all still do, but I did not check.
If buyer wants, cement blocks included. Disconnects between the 2 gangs so 2 guys can easily lift and set into the back of a pickup. Connects to 4 wheeler with a pin, not a ball.
Located in Elm Hall /Vestaburg area, eastern Montcalm County. Possibly could meet between there and Northville for the sale, but would prefer that potential buyer took a good look at it 1st.
Possible trade for crabapple seedlings ???