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I have been playing around with these small clover plots the last 2 years. I have 5 of these small plots, all located at field corners near cover. one of the plots is located on the edge of a willow brush swail and is being ate to the ground.When clearing that plot I left a small olive bush, I watched an eight point tearing the bush up one evening.

I cannot believe the attention they get from turkeys. I am convinced, if you want to make your land more attractive for turkeys plant some type of white clover.

The 1/4 acre plot that is centrally located, is just now starting to get hit by deer. Turkeys have been in this one all summer. Dad planted 12 acres of buckwheat as a green manure, but rains came at the time plowing was to be done. Turkeys have really taken to the buckwheat also.

I dont have much for pics, as I try to stay away from these. I had the cam today and walked by this one so I took some pics. This plot is short, as it was planted late with dry conditions. Notice the missing clover tops.

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