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Spent 6 hours wading a river today, didn't really do all that well in the fishing department but there was plenty of other wildlife to keep me entertained. Among the Wood Ducks, Beavers, Geese, Deer, and Muskrats, I saw two different families of Mink. The first were fleeting and disappeared into their root tangle as soon as I rounded the bend. Upstream 2 miles, a second family gave me quite a show. I was standing next to this root-wad pitching to another nicer root-wad on the other side when I heard a little peeping and rustling. Then this little guy poked his head out of the roots and was making all sorts of noises.

Has a white stripe down between his eyes and light coloring.


Soon as he quiets down, a bunch of rustling from back in the forest starts, and Mom comes racing in with what looked like a Vole in her mouth and drops into the tangle. When I say she dropped, I mean it. She was like a torpedo shooting into that hole, like she had done it a thousand times. It gets quiet, then she pops her head out. Nice dark chocolate brown color to her.


They were using exactly the kind of root-wad a trapper would expect to find some Mink using. Got to enjoy their antics for about 5 minutes, shooting in and out of the many holes.
Here's one of the photos with no zoom to show.


Good to see a healthy population for this winter.
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