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Slips and falls

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Some of you know Perchjerker and I were very good buddies, spoke almost every day up until 3 days before he passed. The part most didn’t know was the conversation Brian and I had on the first of September after I slipped and fell at another boat launch. I was helping another member launch his pontoon, it was the first time launching that toon, I forgot to take off a safety cable and was looking for it. I cranked the trailer up found the release and needed to step over the tongue to work the break on the winch. When I turned to step over my feet went out from under me my left palm hit the ground and my right arm got caught on the trailer and kept my butt from hitting the ground but twisted my up. Probably saved my head from hitting the ground or the bumper, 100% caused by my complacency and comfort on the boat ramps. Brian chewed me out, not out of anger but concern. We both reminded each other to be careful every time we were launching.

Today I spent a couple hours taking a nap on a very cold table while the surgeon repaired my Labrum, Rotator Cuff and grinding on my collarbone. Now I get to spend the next several weeks in a sling followed by weeks/months of PT. I’m not complaining about it, I just want to remind people to be careful doing the thing you love to do or you could be sidelined.
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Dammit hommer !

Heal well.
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