Shoeman's Burlap Wiggler Fly Pattern

Hook - Mustad 3906B
- size 4, 6, 8
Thread - Black
Tail - Wool in assorted colors
Body - Burlap
Wing Case - Wool in assorted colors
Hackle - Various

Comment - Wind the thread to the back of the hook, attach a short piece of wool for the tail.

Once the tail is in place and trimmed, tie in a 6" piece of burlap and bring the thread about 2/3 of the way towards the front of the hook. Spin the burlap forward and tie it off. Attach another piece of wool towards the back of the hook and tie the hackle in the same position. Bring the thread to the front of the hook, wrap the burlap towards the eye and spin the hackle to the front as well and tie it off. Take a tooth brush and comb the hackle and burlap to give it a leggy appearance. Flatten the hackle from the top of the fly downward and pull the wingcase towards the front, tie it off and trim.

This pattern is very easy to tie and takes less than 3 minutes. Variations include, chatreuse and orange tail and wingcase. I have had good success with these. Don't hesitate to tie larger ones for cloudy water.

Thanks to Shoeman for this pattern.