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Shimano Tekota

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Well I've spent the last few days burning up certificates and
X-mas cash on some new fireline dipsey rigs and I ran across this beauty at Al & Bob's. I know nothing about them except the price $169.00 to $189.00 and that they have 3 SS ball bearings, 6.2:1 retrieve and seem to be made entirely out of metal.
I can tell yoy it is a sweeeet looking and sturdy feeling piece of equipment. Has anyone put one to use yet?
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Those are some SWEET reels. :cool:

Its about time someone made an upscale great lakes reel.
Toooooooo Rich for my blood...Even with free money...

Maybe if I won that 155 million dollars then perhaps I would have a boat full of them...haha....Nah...Then I would have some of those big PENN saltwater reels spooled with 3 thousand yards of 8lb test...haha...
Hey Jim,

No purchase plans here for the Tekota. I already spent some of my free money on a couple SG47LCA's and 10'6 foot Heartlands for fire dipseys. Gonna run two dipseys instead of the stackers next year. I saw a lot of success with low/high diver combos last year.

I'm also gonna pick up 2 of the tite-lok triple holders and possibly the big jon planer set. Last purchase is the fishmark 320. Santa was very,very good to me this year. My boat is gonna look like a christmas tree :D :D
Only thing I'm debating is the board set vs. inlines.
The Tekotas are actually 4.2:1, not 6.2:1. They look pretty sweet, and so far have been getting great reviews from those that are using them. Ive heard they are extremely smooth reels, in a class above the daiwas/okumas/etc.

Id love to try one, but im not sure I can justify dropping 160 on a reel when I could buy 3 Okuma combos for that.
Wow Jaid you're absolutely correct on the ratio. I could have swore when I was fondling that thing that it said 6.2. Time for some new glasses!

Thanks for the info
Tom I'd stick with the in-lines. You'll get better hooksets, less gear to store when you are not using it, easier to use and change individual lines.

I'd spend the extra cash on a bow cover, bimini top and side curtains. Let me know if you want some ideas rigging it up.

Happy New Years! :D
I've got a thought Stein. Beers and rigging at my apartment this winter sometime. My number one criteria for my apartment search was a garage that could hold my boat. Found one. Other big ticket is a remote throttle control for my kicker. I already have a bimini but the straps get in the way of my rods and the cover itself restricts rod movement when fighting the fish so I usually only put it up for inland trips with the kids.

Couple new Penn combos for lead core, some maxi mate boxes, and a few dozen lures should clean me out after that. Need some sales to start happening!!
If you get bored Tom...Might want to take a little ride to Muskengon and see if Dawn To Dusk has any of their big lake stuff still. It has been a week or so since I have been there but all their salmon stuff is was 50%off...I got a nice selection of stinger spoons now...They had a lot of them still on the shelf...

I'm ready to do some fishing...big time...

I want to add a couple more rod holders to my boat as well...If for nothing else just options to put rods...I need to get a couple more of those Tite Lock slide plates...I put in the 30" slide rails on my boat last fall but need some more of the slide plates for a couple more adjustable holders...

Stein and myself were talking about the big planer board thing the last time out and he has some VERY good points about sticking with inlines...So I think i'm just going to go spend another 80 bucks on inlines instead of 200 on a mast and 80 bucks a piece for otter boats and all that happy stuff...

Till we meet again....

Happy Fishing and New Year.........

I am thinking about purchasing a couple of these so if I do, I'll let you knowhow they work out.
Now I just need to locate a couple of good dipsey rods @ 8-8.5 ft.
Just bought 5- 600's for the Downriggers and 3- 700's for the lead. Haven't used them yet, but isn't it April yet?

Jeff- BMT
Got my hands on one at Cabelas the other day. What a great reel. I don't know if I could ever justify the price for 8 of them to outfit the boat, but they sure felt like they are great quality.
Fletch had a Tekota linecounter to test last year. We put it through the paces in Rogers City. It's a solid reel. Drag is smooth. But, the linecounter hangs off the side and sticks you in the left wrist while reeling. Play with it in the store and see how it feels, I'm sure everyone holds the rod a little different.
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