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Was up at BP today. They have been getting in the new shimano spinning reels for 04 and are selling the 03's.

Symetre 4000FA - $49.99(thats a deal there). I bought one!
Sahara's - $49.99
Sedona's - $36.99

Also, they have an ice fishing contest inside the store for adults and kids. Not ice actually, white plastic covering the tank setup in the boat area with 4 plywood fishing holes. It's for 2 days, today and tomorrow. Stocked with rainbows. First place is a new shanty.

By the way, check out sports authority stores, picked up a shimano combo - sahara 4000FA on 6'6" shimano carbonmax rod for $18 and change plus tax on Tuesday. It was in their clearance rod rack.
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