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shiawasse river walleye????

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:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: ok does any one fish the shiawasse river for walleyes it conects to panema lake. ya does anyone know when the walleye start running through the shiawasse?:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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Never fished that particular area. But I'm betting the Shiawassee River gets as many walleyes running up it as the Tittabawassee does. And that run can start as early as the fall months of September/October on certain years. The main river probably looses at lot of it's runners to the smaller rivers that connect to it like the Cass, Flint, and Bad. Of course how far up these rivers they get and when they start has been fluctuating these past couple of years due to extreme low water levels. I know the Shiawassee runs for quit a ways into the Owaso area and further but has some restrictive areas and I think a couple Dams in there as well.
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Yes, The Shiawassee gets a pretty good run of Walleye. The farthest that they can it make up stream is the dam in Chesaning. I have caught them there in the spring while fishing for suckers. Quite a few years back I heard rumors that they were thinking about putting a fish ladder in there. If they did that the fish would be able to make it to the dam in Corunna. Sure wish that they would, I live a mile from the dam in Corunna :D .......Patch
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patcheroo are they running now an are they in most parts of shiawasse or do you have to look for them and what baits do you use
???????????????????????????????????????:eek: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
ya can't fish walleye on inland waters between March 15th and the last saturday in April. If you do, you are illegal and subject to fines if not more. Check your other threads, both me and Walleye Mike outline where the season is still open.

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