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Well it all went well untill....... Lota wind yesterday so of course I get a blast down the pipe and the stove belches smoke. Go to open the door and it won't. The Flip latch had , well of course, flipped. The nice guys sitting next to me couldn't hear my yells for help. So I unscrewed the plexi cover on the door's half moon window. Can't get arm through the hole. Grab a rod and after a few minutes was able to flip the latch over and open the door. Asked the guys next to me if they heard me and they said they didn't. Wondered if they latched me in for a moment, but they didn't. LOL. We had a good laugh over that.
Then The wind really picks up and it causes a down draft into the shanty. Stove is just billowing smoke into the shanty! Took about 20 minutes of farting around to fix it. Had to take the cap off the pipe, unscrew a few pieces, and angle the pipe with the wind . Finally it started to pull like it is supposed to.
What a first day shake down. And not a single fish that was worth the effort. !!!!!!!!!
Thanks Al from Grayling and your buddie for letting me use your gas auger. I think I sitll would have been there spuding a hole.
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