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Smoke73, his buddy and I set lines in the Fishwhiperer at 120fow. Worked out to 150fow. Ended up 3 for 4. 5-7-9# Kings. Nice chrome. All flie bite. Dipsies out around 300'. Everything early, no late bite at all
. Pulled lines and headed in only with the boat to die at 60fow. No other boats out. Had to wait for a tow. At least nice weather and all made it in safe. Late night though. Thanks for another great trip Randy!

BTW I picked up Randy and had Edmund Fitzgerald rockin out and he said "Don't u know thats a bad omen."
All forgot cell phones-1st, GPS died-1st, Handheld Radio dead- 1st. Main radio worked but stuck on 16. At least it was 16.
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