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Sen. Harry Gast responds to my e-mail

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In response to your e-mail message concerning House Bill 6147, I feel I must
make a few points clear.

1. I am a member of the N.R.A. and the M.U.C.C. and I am happy to have received
their endorsements throughout my 30 years of public service. This does not mean
that they own me or my vote, nor am I a puppet for their every initiative.

2. I represent the constituency of the 20th Senate district which includes
Berrien, Cass and St. Joseph counties. It is one of the most heavily populated
Senate districts in the state in which I have achieved re-election six times in
convincing fashion. Several times I have run unopposed. I monitor closely the
contact my constituency has with my office and on this issue they were divided
nearly evenly.

3. I authored the bill to recodify the gaming and fishing laws here in Michigan
and subsequently have extensive knowledge of the hunting laws in Michigan. My
son is also an administrator of those laws for the D.N.R.

4. I am a hunter, who each year makes a trek to my cabin in the U.P. to relax
and hunt with my closest friends. Although we differ on this issue, it makes me
no less of a hunter.

4. It takes more than 1 vote to defeat legislation in the Michigan Senate, thus
I was not alone in opposition to this legislation. Feel free to contact those
who supported this bill (Democrat or Republican) and ask them about my
dedication to this state and its natural resources.

I appreciate hearing from you even though we do not share the same opinion on
this issue. Fortunately there are other things going on here in Michigan
politics and I am confident that some day we will find ourselves on the same
side of an issue.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

State Senator

All of this is fine and dandy....HOWEVER, I DO NOT appreciate this guy being sarcastic about our sportsmen in a 2million reader paper nor do I like the idea that he called them HIS doves!!
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The response looks merely like damage control and is too little, too late.
I received a response to my e-mail as well. If you wish to read it, just make a copy of the above response sent to Huntnut and read it again.

This form letter answered none of my questions, and shows his office's lack of respect for us sportsman.

At least we can take some comfort in the fact that Sen. Gast's office had to make a from letter in order to respond to all the e-mails he must have received.
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