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So within the next year or so Im going to purchase a new boat, so Im just in the process of looking around and trying to determine what I want. Recently Ive been looking at Polarkraft specifically the Outlander 186cc paired with a Suzuki 115ss. I know a couple guys here have had the 2010cc but I feel that's a little more than what I want. Has any one been on the 18ft version? thoughts? Any problems people have had with Polarkraft in general also are appreciated.
2nd the Suzuki motor, anybody run one on here. Currently our Crestliner has an older Johnson which I am told was produced by Suzuzki and has been an excellent motor. Just wondering how the newer versions are.
Any info is appreciated.
Can’t give you any review on the center consol or the sazuki. Our 16.9 polarkraft has been a decent boat for over 10 years now. I often use it off shore trolling in Lake Huron. I’ve always felt safe in it as long as I watch the weather. They aren’t the top of the line boat wise but are solid and at a pretty good price.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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