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Hello, I am posting this in several of the forums.

To the Moderators and Managers, this is not an advertisment. It is a requst to fellow sportsman who may have interest.

I am in the process of creating a new publication.
This will be a magazine format. NOT in the format of MS.

The purpose to this is from several years of research. I have found that one of the things that outdoors people are like myself. Missing the writing format and style we grew up with. ( for those of us over 20 anyhow)

The articles that were about the outdoors, Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Camping. All of the Outdoor activities. Minus the advertising in the articles.

I have grown tired of hearing how this writer went to this state to shoot this animal. With (compiled list of all name brands and models of all equipment. ) Even when they do not list it directly anymore you still have the names placed in the story itself.

My goal is to give us as sportsman back a publication that we can find entertaining first, educational possibly second. Teh way the old Field and Stream would capture you with its writers story's. When you felt like you were there with the writer on the trip or experience and you shared it with them not read about their time afield as you do now days.

I am seeking volunteer writers to start with. The reason I seek volunteer Writers, and Photographers, is I am footing the total cost of the production of this.

The publication will be FREE for the first 6 months too a year for EVERYONE depending on how well it takes off I may seek subscriptions after the first 6 months. With that I can not pay writers and photographers for use of their material, until I begin to charge money for the publication.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at outdoor writing, You have a story about the outdoors. Or Images of outdoor activities, and you would like to offer some help. I will give you full credit for all writen and photographed material.

If anyone is interested Please email me at North Outdoors
Request a writers guidline, and or offer some of your images.

If you are simply interested in the publication, You can email me. I will add you to a list of individules that will be emailed when the first edition is available for viewing.

Thank You
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