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Saturday ......

We got out at around 5:30 and there was already someone in our spot that we had picked out but it wasn't a real big deal so we set up a little ways down the grass line from him. We had birds buzzing us well before shooting time but we ended up only getting a couple shots all day and I had an easy shot on a nice drake mallard but he was working the other guy's dekes so I let him go by and they ended up getting him. We talked to them later on and they were really nice guy's. Anyone else notice people shooting REALLY early?

Sunday ......

Because of the wind we decided to set up on the other side of the bay and we had birds coming into our dekes constantly till 10 and we shoulda shot our limit but our shooting was really bad and ended up with two hen Mallards and a hen GW Teal. Those teal were a blast to shoot at and they kept sneaking in on us and landing in our decoys while we weren't paying attention. One cool thing we saw was after we shot a GW teal and a hen mallard we looked over to our right and we saw a nice buck standing in the water with a ton of grass on his antlers. All together it was a pretty good weekend and hopefully our shooting is better next week:D Here is a pic of Moon with "His" ducks:)

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