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scuba diving??

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anyone here scuba dive?? i have been a certified diver for 3 years now, and love to be in the water. . just wondering if anyone else here dives. and what are some of your favorite places to go and why, and some experiences you have had under water!!
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there are some incredable dive sites all around lake huron.huundreds of wrecks to dive. but buddy you need some cold protection,,,lol
outdoor_m_i_k_e said:
anyone here scuba dive?? i have been a certified diver for 3 years now, and love to be in the water. . just wondering if anyone else here dives. and what are some of your favorite places to go and why, and some experiences you have had under water!!
My son and I just got our open water cert last fall. Have only been down to Gilboa in Ohio. Will work on our advanced - will be diving memorial & 4th of July weekends - then a week down in the keys diving with a group of boy scouts.
I'm certified but haven't dove in quite a few years. I did dive quite a bit for a few years after I got certified though. I'll say may favorite spot was Grand Cayman. The Bahamas were nice but not as good as GC. But I'm sure that you're talking more LOCAL. ;)

Do yourself a favor and check out Penetang. It's on Georgian Bay in Ontario. The diving there is awesome! LOTS of shallow wrecks and VERY clear water. It's a bit chilly but not that bad. It's a bit of a drive but WELL worth it. Check with some local dive shops and see if they have any trips planned. I made my trip there back in '89 shortly after I certified and had a great time. In fact, it's on that trip where my wife and I met.

Take care

My son and I took the classes for certification over the winter. We have two open water dives left before we are certified.
I have been a certified PADI Master Diver since 1985. I have been diving on dozens of wrecks in the Great Lakes. My favorite dives have been on the Regina. It lies about 4 miles out of the Port of Lexington in Lake Huron and is in about 80 fow. The first time I dove the wreck was in the April of 1987. It had been located the previous autumn by Wayne Brusate and 2 others. My brother and I were divers number 4 and 5 to dive the wreck some 74 years after it went down. I was pristine with all gear and cargo intact. It has since been salvaged so it is somewhat less spectacular that in 1987 but still a great destination.

Also, Tobermory is a fantastic destination with hundreds of wrecks and very clear/cold water.
Tobermory is the only cold water I'd still do (great !)


the list is loooong
well its good to hear some different places from different people. i have been to a lot of the places around my area, higgins lake, houghton, crystal lake, grand traverse bay in a couple spots, hodenpyle dam backwaters ( few spots), lake cadillac, dayhoff lake, and a lot of smaller lakes around here. i have only been in the bahamas once when i was there, it was pretty cool. the cold water doesnt bother me too much as to the grand traverse bay in 34 degree water surface temp several times. i was just wanting to get some opinions from others! i havent been out yet this spring, but the times coming! just got a new BC and set of regs yesterday that i ordered, and cant wait to try them out! \

also, does anyone have any experience with underwater scooters? a buddy of mine has a swea doo one, and he loves it, but i was looking for different perspectives on prices i should look for or what types of scooters that are recommended? thanks !!
My stepdad has been diving since the early 80's, I cant recall everywhere he's went but I know he dove Gilboa a couple yrs ago and liked it. He mainly dives the straits area and the Wisconsin shore, but by far his favorite is Tobermory.

Do a search on Tobermory or the fathom five national marine park.

Congratulations to those who have earned their certification. If anyone is looking for gear, pm me. I have the hole shbang from regulator, bc, titanium wetsuit, flippers, gloves, mask, snorkel. All equipment is Sherwood Blizzard. I will let the whole setup go for 500 dollars! I paid 1500 for the setup two years ago and dived three times.
I have been a diver for 15 years. (Padi) Certs in rescue and deep diver.

Here is a link for all diving related stores, charters and clubs in Michigan. Although nothing club related close to you, you still might want to inquire as to the local clubs as most do a monthly dive and some type of exotic trip each year.


I got certified about 27 years ago when I was a teenager.
my step dad was in a dive club called the michigan aquanots. we used to camp all over the state as a dive club and I have dove on the crusifics and also in tobermory. it was a lot of fun back then there were alllways events planed that included the whole family.
I still have my card but I do not know if it is valid yet.
I have not did any diving since I got out of the service. Miss it but its hard to find time for everything.
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