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Scouting Video Late Split | Made The Cold Alot More Bearable

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Little video of some ducks before three split. It was really something to watch therm loaf and interact, especially through the drone. The excitement of this kept us warm throughout the day

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Well done Jerrit. Cool drone footy. Look forward to more next year
Thank ya - grabbed about 20 minutes of the birds from about 75 feet above - It really brought into light the need for over-head cover. (No matter how far back in the reeds)
Sadly, had to call the morning a bit early after six greenheads due to a broken beer bottle along the river that prematurely ended my boy's season... I went back and found the bottle and threw it away; but cant say that this is the first time to happen on public...
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And I couldn't exit the door this morning without him hobbling and wanting to load up. So I carried him to the truck and we watched a local lake fill up with birds. We will make up the time he missed in late goose.
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Poor guy! My chessie ripped the webbing in one of his paws early season- hard to get out the door without him while he healed. Pretty cool you scooped him up and brought him along anyways.
The carry was a lot shorter than the one to get him out of the woods. About 300-yards shorter! Haha. The experience is just not the same without them.
I didn't want to be the one to say it and I could be wrong but thanks to Rick Snyder I believe using drones to help in the taking of game in any way is not legal.

I know a few states have banned it.

Cool footage, correct me if I'm wrong .

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You are correct, "To take game". Which none were, Talked with our local CO about it and showed him the drone.

Now if i strapped tomahawk missiles to it and attempted to get some dog fights under my belt, it would be a whole other story! Haha.

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All this year while scouting I was thinking how helpful it would be to do aerial scouting from my truck instead of having to walk 20 minutes just to find no birds in my holes.

What kind of drone did you use for this? I've been contemplating a DJI Mavic for it's quality of footage and portability.
Dont be too fooled, still a lot of boot miles put on.. But im sure itll work. And you are spot on it is the Mavic. I small, portable and the camera is great!

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Still a lazy approach... takes away from the actual sport and conservation....

Kinda disappointed

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I'm sure those exact words were said when Google earth was released...
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I actually found these birds while driving, and so did the rest of the county. :)

Just thought with the season being out, and so many birds interacting in one centralized area, that it would be cool to share a "birds eye view" with people i know would appreciate it.

I strongly agree that they should NOT be used for the taking of game (I.E. finding a buck in a field and or chasing him to you or sneaking over to that area) - very similar to Alaska's law on flying one day and hunting another...

But I do think that these little gadgets will benefit conservation rather than have a negative impact for more reasons than just low-impact scouting.

• Land managers can rely on faster data on their land, or planning future projects or food plots without having to rely on outdated satellite imagery. (I provide these services if anyone wants a fly over)
• Another would be overlooked but I am thinking in deer recovery. I use my dog to find wounded deer for people that need help or even just my own. I have had many experiences where we grid searched, before the dog was around, and wished i could look into the tall grass from above without having to ruin the entire area.

Mind you this isn't perfect but just an idea.
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Cool footage, thank you for sharing.

I'd have been out of my tree pissed! I always pick up trash when I see it, makes me so mad people can't just throw things away, even more mad to hear somebody's pup was injured just because some a-hole likely was too lazy to pack it out.
Couldn't agree more!
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