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Scope for a 22-250 Varmit

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I picked up a Winchester Model 70 Coyote Stainless 22-250 yesterday and have no clue about scopes. All I've ever had is Shotguns, pistols, and 22's. No serious rifles. 10000x2222 doesnt mean anything to me. Anyway, the gun is a bull barrell, heavy stock gun. I need a scope for it.

I plan to shoot paper, and maybe some varmits or a prarie dog hunt if I'm lucky.

I have a $300 gift certificate that I can redeem for Cabelas(Catalog, store, or website) or Bass Pro(Catalog Only). I know the pice range in optics is crazy. I used a buddies Zeiss this year on a 300 Ultra Mag, and was super impressed with the clarity and such(not being a rifle guy), but I know he dropped a grand on it. I'd like to stick around the $200 - $400 mark IF i will be able to get something decent for that. If not, make me a suggestion for what I need to spend on what. Go easy, boat seasons coming...

Any suggestions would be appreciated..
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Thanks all, One more question. I looked through all the catalogs with a buddy last night, and Leupold, Burris, Weaver, and Nikon all have 4-12x40 or 4-14x40 scopes within $50 of each other. Then, in roughly the same price range, I can move to the 6-20x40's. My qustion is, is 6x gonna be to magnified for anything under say 70yards? Max range would be good, but I dont want something that I cant use under 100yds.
Well, I went at lunch and looked at the Burris Fulfield II 4.5-14PA 42mm, the Nikon Monarch UCC 4-12AO 40mm, and the Leupold V II 4-12AO 40mm. I was not super impressed with the Leupold. The Burris and Nikon were both extremly clear, but I was looking under 50yds. I really kind of liked the Nikon more over all. Does anyone have particular experiance with these? The one other scope I wanted to look at was the Weaver Grand Slam 4.5-14AO 40mm, but they didnt have that one there. My only concern was that the Nikon didnt appear to be threaded for a sun shade, as I would want to know I could get one if going out west or whatever. I'll have to do some research. This is so much presure.....:confused: :confused: :confused:
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